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While international travel is off the cards for a while (and probably never was in most school’s excursion budget), here is the next best thing! Explore the wonders of the world virtually through Google Earth? More specifically, let them create with Google Earth Projects.

Google Earth Projects is a new feature that allows the creation of customised tours around the world using 3D imagery and streetview. If you were familiar with MyMaps, this is the new (and better IMO) version for students. Simply look for the project icon (pin) on your google Earth menu bar to get started:

  1. Customise each ‘feature’ (previously called ‘Pins’ in MyMaps)

  2. Text and hyperlinks

  3. Include 3D imagery

  4. Include Street view & 360 photos

  5. Add Fullscreen slides (e.g. Title page)

  6. Share and collaborate

  7. Present mode which makes it more immersive (with a table of contents)

Watch our 6 min guide to get you started with Projects.

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