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Taking your Google Drive with you

If your students use Google Drive then here’s your guide to your Grade 6’s (and any exiting students) taking their work with them.

Students leaving the school have 2 options to take their work with them. They head to and then click “Control your content”. I recommend option 2 for primary school students.

Option 1: Transfer your content

  1. Requires access to another Google account to transfer content:

  2. Will make a copy and transfer all Documents you own PLUS all Documents in your Drive

  3. Not recommended that students create a personal GMail account as they are required to be 13+

  4. Could use a parent’s Google (GMail) account

  5. NB. school Drive accounts have unlimited storage, whereas GMail accounts are capped at 15GB (this may impact teachers accounts particularly)

Option 2: Download your data

  1. Copies and converts Docs, Slides & Sheets to Microsoft equivalents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and can then be downloaded to USB or another computer (as a .zip file).

  2. Will only download files where you were the owner

Share this video below with your students and away they go:

What about staff leaving your school?

If they are moving to another school using Google Drive, then option 1 is the best. Important to note, it will not delete or alter the original files when a staff member performs a ‘transfer’. The ‘transfer’ process simply duplicates each file that was owned and places the duplicate into the destination account (ie. their new school Google account). Therefore any changes made to the duplicates will not effect the original versions.

*schools will have their own policies around who and what you are allowed to take with you, so check with your school leader for guidance

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