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‘Insert Learning’ into online content

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Written by Guest Writer – Ben Sandison

Using websites to deliver content to students can be a quick solution for teachers of 1:1 classrooms. However, students can often find themselves skimming through webpages heavy with text, vagueing out in a sea of information and generally disengaging with the learning that we intend to deliver.

Insert Learning is an online tool that can refocus your students on the intended outcomes and differentiate the learning. It also integrates nicely with Google Classroom, making it super easy for teachers to create ‘lessons’ and push them out to the class.

Focus Student Attention

Highlight keywords or important sections of text to focus your students’ eyes.

Get Sticky

Elaborate, explain and engage by inserting a sticky note directly into the website. You can add text, photos, video or embed code! This can provide support to those students who need visual cues or extra information to help with their comprehension.

Check for Understanding

Ask your students questions about what they have just read to check that they have a sound understanding before they move to the next paragraph. Student responses can be checked within the Insert Learning app so you can provide timely feedback and assess their understanding.

Spark Discussion Provoke discussion in your class before, during or after reading content online by throwing in a curly question that relates to what they have just read. This provides a great opportunity for the students to learn from each other and understand the differing thoughts and ideas that can come from the same piece of text.

Add the Insert Learning Chrome extension to you and your students’ devices and have fun inserting engaging content into your lessons. See Insert Learning in action, with Ben’s screencast of the Chrome Extension:

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