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Get students designing with Canva

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

You've been living under a rock if you haven't either used or seen the amazing designs that are possible in Canva. I've been using a personal account for years but was excited to discover they now have a FREE education account. This education account allows you to create "classes" and invite students.

Step 1:

Sign up for a regular account using your school email address (

Step 2:

Apply for Canva's Education program

(you will need to send a scanned copy of your teaching qualifications)

Once you have your education account setup, you can invite students to join your class:

Features of the education account include:

  • creating 'groups' to make sharing easier

  • leaving feedback directly on students' designs (& students can reply)

  • creating templates for your class

  • creating shared folders with images/video (e.g. school logos)


Level: Year 3 - 6

Device: iPad or Chromebook

Purpose of App: Visually represent information and practise their design skills

If you're new to Canva or have been designing for quite some time here's a lesson you can roll out immediately. Introduce a new multimodal text into your classroom to spice up your reading and writing block.


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