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GoNoodle for well-being

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Are you looking for ways to increase student engagement, improve self-regulation skills and build positive emotions? GoNoodle is one of the best free online tools that you can use to increase the well-being of students in your classroom.

GoNoodle has a variety of online channels which promote movement, mindfulness and can help generate positive emotions. Consider GoNoodle as one of the best brain breaks that’s out there in the cyber world.

You can use it:

  • At the start of the day

  • As transitions between classes

  • When you’re needing to change the energy of the class (whether to increase their energy or help them to relax)

Towards the end of the term we can notice in students a rise in anxiety, frequent low moods or energy and a lack of engagement towards their work tasks. It is important to incorporate a variety of tasks that help to change the chemicals in the brain and improve their overall focus and attention. Students need to have both movement and mindfulness incorporated in their day to help them stay balanced and their emotional state regulated. Taking 2 – 5 minutes out of the day can really help to build and nurture the well-being of students. I’ve used GoNoodle with all primary aged student and they absolutely LOVE IT!

If you’re new to GoNoodle, my favourite channels to use are:

Brainercise (This helps to activate both sides of the brain for optimal brain function)

AwesomeSauce! (Promotes fun movement)

Flow - Mindfulness activities. This is helpful when you want to help students to develop resilience, self-regulation and self-management skills.

Think about it – Setting positive intentions for the day

Koo-Koo Kangaroo – Dancing and singing along to ridiculous songs

The best part about GoNoodle is that it has an avatar for you to choose from. The more activities you do, the bigger it grows and the students enjoy helping you to evolve this character. Another little secret is that the students love to see you enjoying the activity as well! Don’t forget to participate too.

GoNoodle is addictive and one that the students absolutely love. You will begin to notice a dramatic shift in your classroom climate once you start the GoNoodle journey and it is something that you may enjoy doing with the kids too! Sign up for GoNoodle at

Written by Guest Writer - Jacqueline Tjorpatzis

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