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Googling With Purpose

This article is reproduced with the permission of Kathleen Morris. Check out this article and other amazing content at her blog:

50 Mini-Lessons For Teaching Students Research Skills

For a number of years, Seth Godin has been talking about the need to “connect the dots” rather than “collect the dots”. That is, rather than memorising information, students must be able to learn how to solve new problems, see patterns, and combine multiple perspectives.

Solid research skills underpin this. Having the fluency to find and use information successfully is an essential skill for life and work.

Today’s students have more information at their fingertips than ever before and this means the role of the teacher as a guide is more important than ever.

You might be wondering how you can fit teaching research skills into a busy curriculum? There aren’t enough hours in the day! The good news is, there are so many mini-lessons you can do to build students’ skills over time.

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