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Collaboration through commenting

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Question: What do Google Docs, Slides, Classroom, Flipgrid, Padlet and blogging all have in common?

Answer: They allow for collaboration

Although one of the biggest benefits of technology is the ease of which collaborative learning can be established, students are not innately able to collaborate effectively. We’ve all seen activities where students are commenting with “Cool”, “Nice one”, “Great job”, “huh?”.

In order to unlock the real benefits and enable a learning activity to flourish with ideas, meaningful feedback and thoughtful comments, teachers must first establish and teach “how” and “why” we comment. Quality commenting encourages higher order thinking (analysing and evaluating) from not only the person leaving the comment but the student receiving the feedback.

To support students in developing quality comments, we’ve created this free downloadable poster with prompts to help scaffold. Thanks to Taylor Ganley (@tabs_belella3) for originally sharing this idea.

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