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Coding with Scratch 3.0

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

2020 has brought the biggest single update to Scratch since it was launched by the good folk at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2003. Mohan and Marty take you through all you need to know.

If you only have 10 seconds to read , here are four key points to note:

  • Projects created in 2.0 still work

  • Now iPad and tablet friendly

  • NEW extensions feature (think robotics!)

  • Updates to sprites, sounds and backdrops

Check out what’s new with Sprites in Scratch 3.0

Check out what’s new with backdrops in Scratch 3.0

Check out what’s new with sounds in Scratch 3.0

CS First (highly recommended student tutorials for Scratch) has updated most* themes and tutorials to align with Scratch 3.0 .

*Animation and Social Media themes yet to be updated (due later in 2019)


The single biggest addition (apart from tablet compatibility) is the new ‘extensions’ feature. Currently there are nine extensions, but all indications are that this will continue to grow in the future- yay!

NOTE: micro:bit & both Lego extensions require an additional download, only compatible with Mac OS and Windows. This is a shame as so many schools now utilise Chromebooks. Fingers crossed that the kind folk at Scratch remedy this situation.

Bring Scratch projects top life with Text to Speech & Translate

If your school has Makey Makeys, then the new Scratch extension brings a few handy new functions. Check out this super simple tutorial to get you started with the new extension and Makey Makey.

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