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Beyond Scratch?

If you’re interested in what comes after the Scratch Cat, then let me introduce you to the Grasshopper. Yes Grasshopper!

If you’re reading this article you know and love Scratch for the low floor and high ceiling that it brings to the block coding world. As a primary school teacher (with no computer programming background!) I have become au fait with all that Scratch has to offer. I can even help troubleshoot where necessary but when it comes to text based code (Python or JavaScript)….no idea.

Let me introduce Grasshopper-

If you’ve ever tried Duolingo to learn a foreign language, Grasshopper seems to have a very similar feel. Lots of small lessons built sequentially in a way that you can have success from day

Once you sign in with your Google account you can use the web, Android or iOS app to monitor your progress and start to code with Javascript. Did I mention it’s totally free?!

Two very practical uses for Grasshopper:

  1. Primary school students who are ready to be extended and challenged beyond block coding (Scratch).

  2. Primary school teachers who would like to learn a new skill and a super practical one at that.

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