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Team Shake (iOS App)

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Here’s one for all the PE teachers (Pssst…it’s just as useful for classroom teachers!)

  1. Purpose: creates groups/teams

  2. Price: $1.49

  3. Device: iPad/iPhone/Android

  4. For: Teacher Use

“Ok, stay still and I’ll number you off into teams….1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4…and remember your number!!!” “Find a partner to work with BUT make sure it’s someone you work well with AND Johnny you can’t be with Micky AND Sarah can you please work with Molly”

How many times has making teams, groups or partners become a time wasting and painful part of a lesson? Team Shake to the rescue, it will be the best $1.49 you’ve ever spent. It is an automated random (not-so-random) group generator with heaps of very clever features. Once you’ve imported your class lists (can do manually or via spreadsheet), you can get to work on customising each students profile:

  1. Set gender

  2. Set each student strength (1-5 scale). This feature is very helpful for ensuring evenly matched sport/games teams

  3. Set optional ‘subteam’. This allows you to designate if a student must be in the same team/group as another student.

  4. Set optional ‘oppose team’. MY FAVOURITE FEATURE. This allows you to designate if a student cannot be on the same team/group as another student.

Once these are set (they are saved), you simply choose the # of teams or # of people in a group and let Team Shake make the teams.

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