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Teaching Cyber Safety… Just Use Common Sense

Common Sense Media has a superb, freshly updated, set of teaching resources to support cyber safety and digital citizenship.

Teaching cyber safety / digital citizenship / respectful & safe online behaviour is a non negotiable in any primary school classroom. It’s made even better & easier if you have a whole curriculum of brand new, 100% free, resources from which you can draw upon.

So teachers, let us introduce the brand spanking new (released in 2019) digital citizenship curriculum from the good folk at Common Sense Media. Here’s what we love about the new curriculum and why it should be bookmarked by every teacher:

Brand new and updated in 2019

Free to create a teacher account and access all content

Lessons tailored for Grades F-6

Clear learning intentions for each lesson

All resources supplied- videos, handouts & Google Slides (easily customisable if you like)

Includes activities to send home and engage parents and families

Current and relevant new topics including finding credible news online, de-escalating online drama, deciphering gender stereotypes & so much more!

Lessons are organised into 6 key ideas and easily filtered by year level.

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