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Teach Literacy, Teach Coding (Part 2)

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding

Written by inspiring Finnish programmer Linda Liukas, the reader spends a day exploring and discovering with Ruby (a young girl). Colourful and eye catching illustrations help stimulate the imagination as Ruby encounters penguins, foxes, snow leopards and robots along her journey.

Hello Ruby, like “If I Were a Wizard“, has a story component that can be read as part of a class literacy block which is then accompanied by 22 exercises that unpack the coding concepts. These fun exercises can be turned into whole class activities, small group rotations and of course, linked to other curriculum areas. Concepts such as sequencing (literacy), pair programming (oral language), sorting data with Venn diagrams (inquiry) as well as the mathematics links (pattern recognition, numbers, algorithms).

What other subject areas could this mantra apply to?

Hello Ruby also has many additional resources on their website to help support teachers- Hello Ruby books are available online from Booktopia (paperback $14.50)

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