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Thanks to Jen Giffen for this super simple idea. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter for lots more ideas like this!

Level: Grade 3+

Devices: Chromebook or laptop running Chrome

Experience required: Nil

Every student can now be creating their first podcast and sharing it with your class (or the world!). Podcasting lends itself to absolutely every subject and topic you can think of. As students get to use their voice, it serves as an ideal assessment piece that removes written language barriers. Give it a go with your class and see what magic the students come up with! We've found the simplest way to podcast, 3 simple steps:

Record voice No login, download or installation, just hit record.

Edit & Produce Trim and crop voice recording as well as adding music and sound FX.

Save & Insert on a Slide Save the audio & add to Google Drive. Insert the audio onto a Slide.

Watch our simple tutorial (for teachers and students):


  1. Have students create their own podcast logo

  2. Create a class presentation where each student has their own slide (check out Jen’s example)

  3. Publish the Slide Presentation to the web to share the podcasts with an external audience

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