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Screencastify for Teachers

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Written by Guest Writer – Maria Long

When evaluating any tech tool or app for the classroom, two considerations top our priority list. Does it genuinely enhance the learning? Can it be used cross-curricula? For this reason, let us introduce an absolute must in your classroom: Screencastify

What is it?

  1. Free Chrome extension and therefore compatible with Windows, Mac or Chromebooks.

  2. Captures the screen with voice

  3. Videos are then stored automatically in your Google Drive Google


How I have used Screencastify in my Classroom… I recorded my lesson on Screencastify prior to the lesson for the students so that I can use more of my time working one to one with students or have more time teaching a focus group. Similar to the ‘Flipped Learning’ model. I have found Screencastify particularly helpful when teaching students who have a disability or who have trouble with processing instructions. I can use Screencastify to explain what I would like the students to do and that allows them to listen to the instructions as many times as they need.

This takes the pressure off students who feel embarrassed to ask for help or who are unsure of what to do. Before Screencastify, I felt my time was taken up by repeating instructions over and over. Through the use of Screencastify, I have more time to “teach effectively” – not spending valuable teaching time repeating instructions. I recently used Screencastify for my new arrival student who had never been to school nor knew any English. I recorded many lessons on Screencastify, which meant that my time was not taken up by explaining everyday words in English and allowed me to attend to the other students in my class. I would highly recommend that teachers use this in their classroom, especially when there are so many students in our classes who need extra assistance.

Making the recordings is like each student has their own personalised teacher.

Other suggested uses for teachers:

  1. Record a video of the day’s instructions for a relief teacher. Simply share the video with your students through Classroom or email and they have clear, concise instructions so they get the work completed!

  2. Record feedback on a student’s piece of writing. Simply have their writing piece on the screen and record your feedback & suggestions. This video is then shared to the student so that they can immediately get to work acting on your feedback. No more waiting to conference with every student!

Want to learn more?

Issue 7 – We’ll feature Part 2: Screencastify for students

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