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Make other classes ‘Green’ with envy!

Our Grade 6 writer, Mohan, sheds some light on using green screens in the primary classroom. Whether you have iPads, laptops or Chromebooks, we have a tool for you.


  1. Web app Perfect for Chromebooks (as well as Windows or Mac using Chrome)

  2. Green screen only available with ‘WeVideo for Schools’ paid version, per student per year cost of approx $7

  3. Paid version of WeVideo also includes a teacher dashboard to manage and easily see all student projects in your class plus the ability to work collaboratively.

Mohan’s review:

WeVideo works really well with green screens- it is actually called ‘colour keying’ in WeVideo. Make sure that you are recording with an iPad or camera (not a webcam) to help keep the video quality high. You can then upload the video to your Google Drive (or elsewhere) to use in WeVideo. When you get a good video, WeVideo is awesome to add motion text, good music, transitions and relevant images. How to colour key (greenscreen) with WeVideo:



  1. iPad app

  2. $4.49 or half price when using VPP

Mohan’s review:

iPads have many apps available for green screen use, though the best app I have come across is Green Screen by Do Ink. Do Ink allows you to change the backdrop and keep changing it to what your green screen requires before recording. The only thing that stands out is that you have to record in small parts with only one backdrop each. You can however choose to use more than one backdrop in a video but have to know at what time you want it to change. When combining videos, you can use iMovie to stitch together the parts. iMovie isn’t as good as WeVideo, though it still has some things all editing programs have. iMovie only lets you use media from the camera roll. If you are using Google Drive or similar things, you are able to download files and then import to iMovie. Lesson plans and ideas galore for Do Ink

Check out how Do Ink and iMovie come together:


Mohan’s Tips:

  • Lighting is very important. Green screens work as a solid colour. As soon as shadows, wrinkles or bright lighting comes in, it changes the colour in parts and the green screen doesn’t work well.

  • Avoid shadows and it will look great.

  • Make sure the green screen is flat and smooth. If you need to, even tape it down to a wall with shipping tape. It will hold it down and it will be easier to work with.

  • Have a large screen so you can have small groups of students, not just one or two

  • You can’t wear green. If your school uniform has green (like mine), it is best to bring in a change of clothes.


Mohan’s Ideas for the classroom:

  1. News report

  2. Weather report

  3. Visit to space

  4. Music video

  5. Sport commentary

  6. Travel back in time

  7. Act out word problems to bring maths to life

  8. Conduct interviews – real or imaginary

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