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iPad Apps to ‘Get to Know’ Your Students

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Get to know your new students with these Digital Tech (assessable) activities.

It’s a new class full of excited students (& maybe teachers? ) ready to begin the school year . Term 1 is all about getting to know your students, a bit of who’s who in the zoo. Here’s 3 iPad apps that will encourage your students to share a bit about themselves as well as allow you to evaluate their DT skills. #2birds1stone


Free (premium has added but not required features) Easy

Students take a photo of one another (selfie not recommended) and the app turns the photo into a black and white image ready for students to colour in. Print your creations and back onto cardboard ready for some adjective fun or use the iPad to enhance your product. Thanks to Elysia for this suggestion.

Here’s one of Marty (and his dog Milo):

Created using Colorscape.

PicCollage Edu (Ka-ching $2.99) Intermediate

This is a must have on all school iPads as it allows students to layout multiple photos via a grid or with a bit of freestyling. Students can make a collage all about them, including photos, adjectives, stickers and a personal motto. Extend the task by students Google Image searching photos #creativecommons of their likes and hobbies. Save images to the camera roll and use in the collage.

Here’s one about Tser Lin:

Created using PicCollage App.


(Free) Lil’ Tricky

Create a little time capsule piece for the year. Provide students with the following sentence starters or create your own:

  1. In grade X, I am looking forward to…

  2. My friends are..

  3. The type of friend I want to be is someone who…

  4. Some of my strengths are…

  5. Some things I know I need to work on…

  6. When the learning gets tough this year I am going to…

  7. My favourite subjects are… and why…

  8. A special message for me at the end of the year when I watch my time capsule piece

Students record themselves answering the questions and use iMovie/Apple Clips to edit the footage. Add text, transitions and photos to enhance the product. Export and upload to Google Drive to watch the time capsule in the last week of Term 4. #planahead #overachiever NB: Students re-watch their Time Capsule in the December 2019.

Created using Clips App.

Whichever activity(ies) you choose to get to know your students, don’t forget to create one too. When I am modelling the use of tech and software to students, I will show them the basics then very quickly move to the WOW functions. The more functionality they are exposed to the more they can apply in their next digital creation. #contentcreators

Remember, you’re setting your digital classroom culture from the start, so go hard and set those high expectations.

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