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P is for PODCASTS (& PD)

If you haven’t joined the podcast movement already, you’ve surely been harassed by friends and colleagues about how you’re missing out!

If you’re already a podcast fan, take a break from real life crime or Joe Rogan and subscribe to these Aussie (& NZ) educators who are delivering PD directly into your ears. If you’re new to podcasts, then dust off your headphones and getting subscribing.

We spoke with NZ born global educator Craig Kemp about his brand new podcast launched on May 8: The EdTech Chat Podcast. As an avid blogger from way back (, Craig’s passion for writing was waning just as COVID-19 started impacting his ability to travel and work. It was this perfect storm that led to the creation of his new podcast. In a nutshell, the podcast is designed to inform and inspire K-12 educators (& other stakeholders) to engage with tech in an authentic and purposeful manner. That’s a mission statement that sounds just like our magazine…therefore we think you’re going to like what he’s offering.

Episodes of The EdTech Chat Podcast will be released weekly on a Friday. Craig promises they will be short and snappy at just 25-30 minutes, perfect for a walk with the dog around the block! Each episode will include Craig sharing his own insights, tips and tricks as well as a feature interview with a prominent educator. You can look forward to Kath Murdoch (Queen of Inquiry), George Couros (Innovation Guru) and Eric Sheninger (Principal Extraordinaire) among his host of amazing guests. To top things off, you’ll even be able to submit your own questions as well as win prizes each week! Follow the links below to get listening:

As well as Craig, check out our other recommendations for quality local listening:

Host? Leonie Smith

Who are they? One of Australia’s leading cyber safety experts and author of “Keeping Kids Safe Online”

What’s the pod about? All things cyber safety...conversation with parents, students, children, cyber safety experts and more.

Host? Catherine Williams

Who are they? K-6 teacher from NSW with 30 years of classroom teaching experience

What’s the pod about? Mentoring, providing motivation & inspiration, through sharing our experiences and by making teacher wellbeing a priority.

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