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Get Internet Awesome

As we immerse our students in the riches of digital learning, it is imperative that we keep cyber safety/digital citizenship at the forefront. If you teach Grades 3-6, then Be Internet Awesome is a must.

The lessons are structured within the framework of five key positives behaviours: Smart, Alert, Strong, Kind & Brave. Each module has a series of ‘unplugged’ teacher led activities followed by an online gamified assessment, Interland.

Students will love playing Interland after each module to earn their certificate. With its modern graphics and engaging game play, your students are sure to be internet awesome in no time.

The teacher resources are extensive, including lesson plans, posters, slideshows and everything you need to deliver this content to your students.

Check out the lesson plans and overview with this PDF

In a nutshell, Be Internet Awesome:

* suitable for Grades 3-6

* easy to follow teacher lesson plans

* classroom posters

* gamified and engaging for students

If you're in Melbourne Australia you can bring Be Internet Awesome to life through an engaging student incursion. Brought to you by Inform and Empower:

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