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Get Animating with Google Slides

Dear Google Slides,

Thanks for being a super reliable tool in the classroom. Love how my students can present their work but after you’ve seen it done, like all the time, it’s a little tiring. Got any other tricks?


Nearly Every Middle to Senior Teacher

It’s time to spice up your students’ use of Google Slides with a little animating flavour. Follow the guide below to learn how your students can create some killer animations using Slides. Don’t have slides, never fear – this works in PowerPoint too!

Insider Tips Before you Animate

  1. Select a small scene to animate as animation takes a long time (if it’s a good one). Excerpt of a scene is perfect and is powerful.

  2. Students to storyboard the scene to assist in visualisation and to know what comes next in the animation .

  3. Set the task for homework as well as during class time

  4. Extension Task – capture the animation using Screencastify

Keyboard Shortcuts & Tips

  1. CTRL D – Duplicate (Chrome/PC)

  2. CTRL D – Duplicate (Mac)

  3. To group a shape: Click the 1st shape, hold down shift, then click all the remainder shapes, right click then click on group

  4. ALT (mouse) CLICK – Duplicates a shape

Here's one we prepared earlier: View The Journey Animation (Google Slides)

Tser Lin walk you through how to create animation with slides:

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