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Flipgrid Fever

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Guest contributor- Ben Sandison

In June this year, Microsoft announced it was purchasing Flipgrid and making it’s premium version free for everyone. Ben outlines why it should be a staple in your teacher diet.

Collaboration, peer to peer feedback, community and sharing student work beyond classrooms is nothing new; but FLIPGRID gives us the power to combine all of these things in an easy platform. Students can share their thinking using QR codes, they can receive feedback through video responses, rubrics and of course, emojis; making FLIPGRID engaging, fun and accessible across all ages. FLIPGRID integrates easily into Google Classroom and provides quick, structured opportunities for students to share their ideas within a structure that promotes collaboration and deeper thinking.

Assessing student thinking: It can often be difficult for students, particularly younger students, to articulate their thinking processes in written form. Asking the students to respond to camera within the parameters set by the teacher, frees up students to respond in their own words with a clear focus and structure. The gold comes when the students start to respond to each others videos and give feedback to their peers.

Jump in the deep end yourself: Parents and students love to see and hear their teachers out there in the community, it brings a connectedness which strengthens learning relationships. Why not introduce yourself and the rest of the staff at your school to the parents using FLIPGRID. It’s a fun and easy way to engage the community at the beginning of a school year. Simply create a staff introduction topic and share the videos with parents using the link or QR codes! Take the idea of community even further and connect with fellow FLIPGRID educators from around the world with #GridPals and expand your classroom to a global level.

Keeping it simple: Using FLIPGRID doesn’t have to be an all encompassing enterprise. Using the videos as a way for students to record their reading aloud, is a great way for them to be able to self assess their own fluency and accuracy. Add in the ability to create rubrics for each topic and you’ve got yourself a fantastic reading group activity which can be shared with parents. Go to to access the amazing resources that will help you unleash your students’ excitement for collaborative thinking, feedback and community.

Interact with us:

How have you used Flipgrid? We’re a chatty bunch at ICT Edu Magazine. Click below to leave a response or to hear how other ICT Edu Magazine readers use Flipgrid in their Classroom. To keep things safe and secure you can assign a password for students/learners to enter. After all, it’s all about keeping students safe online. The not so secret password is: ictedumag2018

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