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Coding for ‘Littlies’ with Scratch Jr

Updated: Jan 5, 2023


  1. No login, easy to startup

  2. iOS, Play Store & Chrome OS (only thing it doesn’t work on is Windows and Mac)

  3. Minimal literacy demands on the user (perfect for F-2)

  4. Same colour blocks as Scratch, therefore perfect stepping stone for middle and senior years

  5. Success comes quickly

  6. Easy to integrate oral language elements

  7. Cross-curricular compatibility (from literacy to maths to inquiry)

  8. Free app

  9. Families can be encouraged to install it on home devices so that learning can extend beyond the school day (parents love a more purposeful use of “screentime”!)


  1. No individual accounts, therefore projects can be accessed by all

  2. Only saved locally, therefore need to return to same device each time

  3. Finished work can’t be easily exported (ie. can’t be showed off at home or shared via Seesaw…unless you film one screen with another)

Lesson Idea: Ready to Use!

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