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Bolt From The Blue

Written by Guest Writer – Elizabeth Moran

It’s now over 6 years since Sphero first burst into classrooms with their original Sphero 1.0 & 2.0. Since then they have also released the Mini, Ollie and SPRK+. If you are looking to expand your STEAM resources for 2020, check out their latest addition to the team, Sphero Bolt.

Sphero Bolt

Paired with the free ‘Sphero Edu’ app, the Bolt can be programmed via block coding (think Scratch) or through more advanced Javascript. The app also provides a platform for parents, kids and educators to share projects, activities and curriculum.

The latest update to the Sphero Edu app ensures that young programmers can be even more creative and easily move on to more advanced projects when ready.


  1. advanced sensors to keep tabs on BOLT’s speed and direction

  2. transparent shell to see “inside”

  3. 8×8 LED matrix to display graphics, text, numbers

  4. infra red to allow Bolt to Bolt communication allowing for more advanced coding and gameplay

  5. waterproof UV coated shell

  6. 6 hour charge = 2 hour play

Advanced coding and gameplay


The new Bolt has significantly more features than any of its predecessors. Sphero have managed to create a product that is primarily a learning device that inspires students to explore new technologies and creative play. When paired with the Sphero Edu app, the Bolt truly becomes a worthy STEM learning tool. Each new feature and sensor is programmable through this app and the new LED matrix adds a complexity to the programming that I believe previous Sphero models have lacked.

The Sphero Edu app encourages collaboration with other users around the globe and this community of educators is really an invaluable source of inspiration for teachers and students worldwide. My students absolutely love the Sphero Bolt and I constantly see their imaginations being sparked by the possibilities of this device. It’s simple, accessible and offers my students incentive to move through the three programming platforms in a fun, intuitive and rewarding way.

We all know that play is a powerful teacher and this device manages to combine it with learning in a creative and compelling way.

Transparent shell to ‘see inside’

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