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Screencast PD (FREE!)

If a teacher was to ask me what is the one tech tool that I think most enhances teaching and learning…it is screencasting. The ability for students to use their voice to explain their thinking and learning is so very powerful.

Ideal for Chromebooks, as well as any laptop running Chrome, is the ever popular free Chrome extension – Screencastify.

Their latest offering in free, self-paced video PD is brought to you by Alice Keeler: Screencastify Genius. Just like their previous two courses, they are easy to follow and super practical.

The Genius course goes beyond the basics of the Master Screencaster course by exploring ways you can mash screencasting together with other apps like Docs, Slides, Forms and Classroom. The best part though, is it’s only 45 minutes long #timeisprecious

Get your colleagues on board and lead some PD…no planning required!

PS. If your students haven’t completed the Jr. course, then add it to your planner ASAP

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