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Replacing Interactive Whiteboards

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Mass installation of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) were all the rage in the early 2000s. Having an interactive element was the reason for the shift where teachers could create interactive lessons for students; encouraging them to come up to the front and move words, shapes and letters around… even complete a shared writing piece together.

This revolution was supported by the amazing resources that dedicated teachers created and shared with colleagues from around the world. We’re now approaching 2019 and schools are having discussions around replacing failing IWBs.

The usual scenario in every school is the globes in the projectors need to be replaced (and are costly) as well as difficulties in reading the IWB if the blinds are open #learningindarkness. Wear and tear has now kicked in and many schools are asking the question:

What should we replace the IWBs with?

Questions for discussion in your next leadership meeting:

  1. How do teachers use the interactive whiteboards?

  2. Do you want/need the interactive element?

  3. What level of interactivity are teachers hoping to teach with?

  4. Fixed vs portable

  5. Different units for different year levels – juniors vs middle/senior

Read on for your brief guide to get you started finding your IWB replacements:

Majority of schools will opt for interactive panels in the junior school as they still require the touch element. In the middle/senior school TVs are being installed in classrooms. The main reason for this is due to students having their own screens with a 1:1 program. Interactive Panels and TVs are also popular in schools due to visibility in all lighting conditions. We’re finding most primary schools are moving away from projectors. Before contacting any reseller, definitely use the discussion points listed above to find out what learning and teaching you’re trying to get out of your IWB replacement.

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