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PD In 280 Characters

So we all know Donald Trump uses (& abuses) Twitter…but is there anything worthwhile for teachers on this social media platform? We asked our resident Twitter guru & EdTech teacher, Rob Kelly (@robkellytweets), to share why he loves it as a dynamic form of PD.

For educators, Twitter is a fantastic tool to connect with like-minded colleagues. Teachers from across the globe use Twitter on a daily basis to connect with a professional learning network (PLN) to engage in informal conversations around professional development, technology integration, physical education, literacy and numeracy development, etc. It’s a thriving community of amazing professional potential inspiring the next generation.

To get you started, here’s my top 5 educators to follow:

If you’re like me and teach in the technology field, Twitter is a great way to be inspired by talented educators doing amazing things in the STEM and Digital Technologies space. Take some time to explore people’s timelines and posts and remember that the best way to build your own network is by ‘favouriting’, ‘re-tweeting’ and ‘replying’ to posts. Remember the golden rule, ‘always be kind’ and you’ll be fine.

Hashtags are a way of searching Twitter for more relevant content. Check out these 5 hashtags to get you started: #eduwitter, #educhat, #edchatPH, #eduLWDT, #aussieED

So, what are you waiting for? Start you professional learning journey on Twitter today. Join at

Written by Guest Writer – Rob Kelly (@robkellytweets)

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