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Passtab - School Visitor Management System

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Technology is used to enhance teaching and learning in classrooms across the globe but schools must also look to technology to increase efficiency in their administration.

With the increased demands on accountability, OHS, policy, procedures and child safety protocols, it is a no-brainer that your visitor sign in system is super important. Let’s sack the pen, paper, filing cabinets and lanyards in favour of iPads, the cloud and ID stickers. This issue we take a close look at Passtab- school visitor management software that is proudly Australian designed, built and owned. The team at Tech in Edu Magazine recently visited a primary school in Melbourne to see Passtab in action at the start of a busy school day.

Benefits for your visitors?

Super easy to use and navigate- clean and simple interface.

Prints out a visitor name badge as a need to remember to return those pesky lanyards.

Regular visitors will love the “quickpin” option. Canteen, instrumental and allied health can all be given a pin rather than having to complete the full sign in process each and every time they visit.

Parents don’t have to sign in late students, the children themselves actually love completing the process as it’s on an iPad!

Benefits for the school?

  • Everything stored securely in the cloud - no folders of paper to store and archive.

  • Emergency management made easy- simply access a list of who is and isn’t on site via mobile or desktop.

  • School admin can view summaries and search for specific users through the console.

  • Ability to export dates and data for record keeping.

  • Ensure every visitor to the school adheres to child safe policies through the live WWCC feature. Visitors can digitally acknowledge and agree to your school’s child safe and visitor protocol terms and conditions

  • Staff can easily identify visitors (name, reason for visit and photograph) at a glance with the self-adhesive name badge.

Pro Tip for Schools

Install two sign-in stations to avoid parents/students having to queue at busy times. Even have them at two different heights if possible to make them student friendly (we found parents love not having to do the sign in for late students if the kids can do it themselves!).

User Reviews

“We are loving it. We are absolutely loving it. For years, we had the paper system. The flow is so much better. It just keeps things moving in the office.” - Gabrielle, Office Staff

“It’s about moving with the times, so much easier.” - Alicia, Office Staff Member

“Quick and convenient. Faster than the written method.” - Caitlan, Deputy Principal

“It’s very high tech, it’s way better. My 7 year old daughter loves signing in.” - Lucy, Parent


We have signed into many different visitor management systems over our years as consultants. Passtab's user interface is clean, easy to use and works brilliantly in a school environment. They have tailored their product to what schools need and we have found they are always open to new ideas and discussions regarding their product and functionality. We love how Passtab support can be easily reached via email or a phone call. From a pricing perspective, Passtab is competitive and affordable for all schools (big/small). If you're looking for a visitor management system that just works and is built for education, look no further.

Phone: (03) 9800 1489

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