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Hello Possum! (Cyber Safety Picture Story Book)

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Written by Guest Writer - Amanda

The Little Possum who Looked Up, by Kim Maslin, is a children’s book written to demonstrate the importance of taking breaks from devices and spending time with our loved ones.

Pebbles the Possum decides that she no longer wants to look up destinations online but actually venture to these places on her own. She decides to ask her family members for help on this task but everybody is too busy on their devices. Set in the Australian bush, the possums are also demonstrating the different uses that technology can have in our lives. Benefits of technology include allowing us to order food online to helping us complete our homework and even communicating with others.

The theme within the story is applicable to all primary aged children and makes links with the Digital Technology curriculum in regards to managing interactions online. The story sparked deep conversation about how Pebbles was feeling when nobody would stop to help her, as well as the importance of taking breaks for our minds and bodies.

In the Foundation and Year 1/2 classes I teach the students listened to the story, engaged in a class discussion about the topic and then followed up with an activity. The follow up activity involved logging onto Seesaw and completing a drawing and explanation of a device they use at home and what they do on it. The students also described what they like to do when they’re taking a ‘Tech Break’. Kim Maslin has also very kindly shared some different ideas on what teachers can do with students as follow up activities in the classroom. These can be found at the back of the storybook and on her website.

This book and all of the others in the series can be purchased directly from:

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