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Beginning With AR In The Classroom

You may have heard teachers or your school’s ‘techie’ person mention AR (or Augmented Reality) and how we should use it in the classroom. We seem to be bombarded in PL meetings with new fandangle apps and how we are strongly encouraged to use them. The real question is, does it have educational value? We decided to investigate the basic uses of AR in the classroom and whether it should be your next app download.

What is AR?

“If you use an iPad, you can see ‘things’ around you in the real world” – Grade 2 student

Starting Small with AR MakrIn the Classroom

We utilised AR in a Year 4 classroom whilst learning about Australian animals. The students spent weeks before researching the animal, its features, habitat, diet, etc. Students wanted to create a ‘Classroom Zoo’ to share their learning with the Junior School hence the need for AR.

How To:

  1. Download AR Makr to your iPad (will not work on older iPads) and also Sketches for School

  2. In Sketches, draw an animal or something related to the learning outcome

  3. Download the image with a transparent background

  4. Open AR Makr and follow the instructions to find a suitable surface location

  5. Add your image and click place

  6. Once placed, you should be able to see the image in your current reality with a device

Beginning with AR in the Classroom Video


  1. You can add multiple images to compliment your main image. For example, a turtle, in the ocean with seaweed around it.

  2. Each image has the ability to move. This enhances the image and the AR experience. For example, the earth orbiting around the sun.

AR Makr App

App – AR Makr

AR Makr is loaded with:

  1. Pre-made starter templates such as The Three Little Pigs

  2. Drawing tool

  3. 3D shapes such as a sphere, cube and pyramid that you can use in the classroom. With a bit of imagination you can link this to numeracy or other subjects.

How AR is Being Used Today

  1. Science

  2. Mathematics – Teaching of place value and shapes

Head to twitter and follow Paul Hamilton for all the AR free ideas you can handle: @PaulHamilton8

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