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Laptop Cases and Bags: Product Review

As we head into the silly season of purchasing and planning for tech next year, we had a hands on play with STM’s latest education collection. From laptop bags to a brand new iPad keyboard case, there’s something for every school!

Bag Suitable For: 13 – 14″ Laptops

  1. Hardshell – very rugged, ability to withstand a beating

  2. Detachable front pocket (surprisingly roomy) for cables and charger.

  3. Shoulder strap

  4. Strong, sturdy zipper

  5. 5 years warranty

RRP $59.95


Bag Suitable For: 11 -12″ and 13 – 14″ Laptops

This bag is the ultimate protection against the inevitable bash and crash that student laptops receive. The bag is designed for the laptop to be used whilst still being strapped in. #unbreakable

  1. Hardshell – very rugged, ability to withstand a beating

  2. Rubber feet raise the laptop and allow for air flow

  3. Detachable shoulder strap

  4. 2 way use – Over the shoulder & Hand Carry

  5. Detachable front pocket for cables and charger – good Size

  6. Clear name holder – easily identifiable

  7. Secure elastic to hold device in place

  8. Strong, sturdy zipper

  9. 5 years warranty

RRP $64.95 – 11 – 12″ ACE Always on Cargo

RRP $69.95 – 13 – 14″ ACE Always on Cargo


Bag Suitable For: 11 -12″ and 13 – 14″ Laptops

  1. Designed with student backpacks in mind, laptop stands up vertically

  2. Built in front pouch – super large and roomy. Fits cables, charger, a notebook, key and pens holder

  3. Open sized clear plastic pocket. Ideal for timetables.

  4. Strong, sturdy zipper

  5. 5 years warranty

RRP $69.95 – 11 – 12″

RRP $74.95 – 13 – 14″


Case Suitable For: 5th & 6th generation iPad

  1. Sturdy and solid design

  2. The keyboard has a skirting on it so really tricky for students to pick off

  3. Has 2 built-in magnets to keep the case closed and secure

  4. Multi-angle stand functionality allows you to work on any surface any angle. Great for Netflix 😉

  5. PROPER KEYBOARD. If you have used a bluetooth squishy keyboard, the DUX Keyboard crushes that experience. It is WIRED – big key difference

  6. Actual shortcut keys – home button, brightness, Siri, screenshot, volume adjustment and quick screen lock

  7. Massive Plus – Control, option and command keys. Operate your iPad just like you would on your Mac, ie, copy & paste shortcuts

  8. Detachable keyboard

  9. Charge the case and also charge your iPad simultaneously through a single lightning plug

  10. Holds an Apple Pencil & Logitech Crayon

  11. Difficult for students to pick the keys off

  12. 3 year warranty

RRP $149

For more information on these cases, visit

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